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Fall Garden Starts Today June 21, 2009

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I’m in the process of starting my fall garden today.  I will plant Black Cherry, Chocolate Cherry, Celebrity, Pink Lemon, and Cherokee Purple Tomato seeds indoors under a grow light.   I am also going to take cuttings from several of the productive tomato plants growing now.  Some of my heirloom tomato plants are starting to look a bit craggy, so I sprayed them with some seaweed solution to try to get them through this season.  I predict the Large Red Cherry plants, which are still setting fruit, will make it through Summer and into Fall, but can’t be sure.  I can already tell which plants will fizzle out, and pulled up one non-producer which was looking bad this morning.  I’m so looking foward to having lettuce in the garden again when it gets cooler.


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