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Tomatoes, Squirrels and Lessons Learned June 13, 2009

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I just had a ephinany, so profoundly simple, that I’m embarrassed to repeat it.  So, I have been having squirrels eating my tomatoes, even when still green.  And, I’ve been having blossom end rot on some tomatoes.  I’ve been throwing the blossom end rotted tomatoes into the compost bin.  So stupid!  I should have thrown them into the yard for the squirrels, so they wouldn’t keep stealing my good tomatoes!  Duh!  Bonk me over the head with some logic, please.    I found a half eaten huge green tomato today, that I could have saved by placing the blossom end rotted tomatoes in the yard yesterday.  I get it now.  And I think I’ll toss them away from the garden.  Kind of closer to the next door neighbor’s yard.  She doesn’t have a garden.  Does that make me evil?


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