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Cooking with Fresh Garden Herbs June 11, 2009

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Cooking with fresh herbs is amazing. They can add so much flavor to absolutely anything, while adding no fat or calories. When I think of a certain herb, it reminds me of a specific food. However, I’m trying to expand my herbal horizons and try new things. I love tarragon in everything, but mostly chicken salad and egg dishes. Rosemary pairs very well with poultry and salmon, as does thyme. Both are great in breads as well. Basil and tomatoes are great together and I make pesto several times during the Spring and Summer to freeze for winter. It is also great on pizza and with pasta. Cilantro is good in salsa and other mexican dishes. I’ve been using mint in salads to add some fresh flavor. Sometimes I just chop them all up together and toss them up on whatever I’m cooking. Try it! Central Market has some great herb plants for sale right now.


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