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Tomato Problems – Blossom End Rot June 9, 2009

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Blossom End Rot is a problem with tomatoes, likely from inconsistent watering, or a lack of calcium in the soil. Mine first showed up after heavy rains, so I’m of the mind that I’m watering too often. Either way, it is starting to irritate me. It is only occurring in the ribbed heirlooms and mostly on 2 plants. I’m wondering if it is two of the heirlooms I started from seed, and that perhaps they are more susceptible to it. All of the tomato plants are in raised gardens, so they should be getting sufficient drainage.
blossom end rot 060


2 Responses to “Tomato Problems – Blossom End Rot”

  1. What is an effective pesticide for the treatment of rot Rezube in zucchini please help me

    • I am not familiar with Rezube, however blossom end rot is normally caused by inconsistent watering, or lack of calcium, so I don’t believe a pesticide is the answer. You could try to introduce some calcium into the soil, and I’ve even heard a home remedy of planting a Tums near the plant helps, although I’ve not tried it. Good luck!

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