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My Favorite Cherry Tomatoes June 7, 2009

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After experimenting with different varieties of cherry tomatoes this Spring, I think I’ve decided not to grow Sweet 100 tomatoes again.  Although they are good producers, the tomatoes from my 2 Sweet 100 plants are so tiny, they almost seem silly to me.   Perhaps I’m not a good grower of this variety.  I’m quite partial to  the fruits from the Large Cherry Tomato plants.  They  produce in clusters and are uniformly about 1 inch in size.  And they produce a lot of tomatoes.  I also like the oblong Juliet tomatoes, although I don’t know if these fall into the category of Cherry Tomatoes.  I will do the Large Red Cherry and the Juliets again for sure.  Gardening is about trial and error, finding out what works well for your situation and what you like and what you don’t.   I’m learning a lot about tomatoes that are new to me this season, and hope to continue my tomato learning adventure for years to come.

cherry tomatoes 059


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