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Tomatoes Everywhere May 19, 2009

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What a lovely morning to be out in the garden! Every morning I take a cup of coffee outside to inspect the gardens and see how things are coming along. The cucumber and squash plants are taking over the bush beans, and while covered in flowers, no cucumbers or squash just yet. All of the tomato plants have tomatoes in varying forms of progress and another Costoluto Genovese is ripening on the vine, safely low enough on the plant so that Mr. Mockingbird can’t get to it. I think I’ll have bushels of Sweet 100s ripe soon, as well as the Large Cherry tomatoes. Blackberries are ripening and should all be ripe about the same time next week. Strawberries are still underproducing, probably because the tomato plants are shading them too much. I gave them a dose of organic fertilizer prior to the rain so I’m hoping to jumpstart them back into production.


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