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Raised Gardens May 10, 2009

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We had a nice Mother’s Day brunch at Green Pastures. Way too much food and champagne for the middle of the day. I came home and pulled all the onions and lettuce from the big raised garden. Then I turned and fertilized the soil with compost, Actinoiron, Worm Castings and Tomato and Pepper food from Rabbit Hill Farms. All organic of course. I moved a Sweet 100 tomato plant and a Green Striped heirloom tomato into the prior onion space. I should have waited a couple of weeks for the leftover onion roots to compost, but I’m an impatient gardener, still. The tomatillo plant had taken over one of the raised gardens on the side of the house, so being more of a hot pepper gal than a tomatillo gal, I moved it into a big pot to give the peppers more room. I had two jalapeno’s left over from a display garden at the Farmer’s Market, so I planted them too. So one bed is all peppers and one mystery heirloom tomato I started from seed. The basil needs to be harvested still because it is so big. I have a smaller basil plant I want to put in where the big basil is. So much to do. Never enough time. But the neighbors are happy to be receiving tomatoes and onions from the garden. Sharing garden food is awesome. I’ve taken lots of pictures lately of garden stuff, and I’ll post them as soon as I’m feeling less lazy.


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