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Raised Garden and Sandbox Photos April 22, 2009

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10x10x12 sandbox

10x10x12 sandbox

longgarden23Here are some photos of a couple of gardens and a sandbox we have installed in the last 2 days. All recycled product, rot and splinter free.gardenpic1


2 Responses to “Raised Garden and Sandbox Photos”

  1. kathy Says:

    Those look great! Lucky kids who get to play in *that* sandbox 🙂
    I was just curious, that’s a very deep garden. Any particular reason for the depth?

    • Hi Kathy,
      The sandboxes are really cool. Those gardens in the photos are 18 inches high. We recommend at least 12 inches for vegetables, but the 18 inch depth is very popular because folks don’t have to stoop and bend as much to reach their garden. The increased height also allows for great drainage. We have installed some as high as 30 inches for some older folks, so they don’t have to bend over at all to work in their garden. Thanks for the comment!

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