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Heirloom Tomatos and Peppers Galore at the Sunshine Gardens Sale March 8, 2009

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I met a new friend at the Sunshine Community Gardens plant sale earlier today.  I got there early and the line was around the corner.  Met some really cool folks in line then found my friend and met some more cool folks.   There is an amazing sense of community among gardeners.  Everyone was was excited about the plants we were all about to purchase and excited about Spring and the hopfulness of future garden abundance.  The sale early on was totally crazy, everyone worried to miss out on the last Purple Cherokee Tomato or Heirloom Pepper.  We got our things and went on our way.  I spoke with one of the master gardeners who said the sale was the most well attended they had ever had.  It makes sense that folks are growing their own food now, more than ever, perhaps.  It was a good day.


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