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Potatos, Tomatos, and Onions February 22, 2009

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All of the Potatos are up. I now have a proper potato patch. Potatos are such pretty plants, too. Can’t wait for them to mature, so I can dig them up and hose them off with the garden hose like I used to do on my grandfather’s farm. The onions look awesome too! I repotted the heirloom tomato seedlings with lots of good dirt and worm castings. Hope they make it. I repotted the Celebrities and Better Boys too and they are looking awesome. I’ve found the perfect spot for a Tomato and Pepper garden. Its about 16 feet by 3 feet and gets great sun. I’m going to have to dig some shrubs out and buy a garden from myself, but that’s ok. Expanding the edible landscape rocks!


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