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Seed Starting Day January 17, 2009

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Its time to start thinking about starting seeds.  It seems so simple just looking at the little seeds, but I think its going to take up a lot of room.  A separate container for every couple of seeds.  I have 5 varieties of heirloom tomatos to start first.   Then peppers.  But it seems a little early for peppers since they are a warm weather plant.  Maybe basil.  I’ll have to dig through my seed file.  I bought peat pots for the purpose of starting these seeds, but I’m wondering if they are meant to hold up for what will likely be 5 or 6 weeks.  I also have saved egg cartons, the paper ones of course, for this purpose, but don’t want to have to transplant the seedlings more than once, and I’m afraid they will outgrow the egg cartons before time to move outside.  Hmm.  Much to ponder on seed starting day.


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